This Muddy Nikon D3 Shows the Benefits of Weather Sealing

Photographer JP Cariño experienced the awesomeness of pro DSLR weather sealing when doing bird photography from a floating blind:

I spent an hour at the least in the water. This “accident” happened in the first 10 minutes because of my poor floating blind design. Seeing the birds were so cooperative I decided to go on shooting. From time to time, I had to pour water from the swamp on the LCD so I could view my photos. When I surfaced, I took out the battery and started cleaning the body. I placed the camera in my dry cabinet when I got home and started it up the next day. No issues whatsoever. Works perfectly fine. All the seals worked and the compartments (cf, terminals and batt) had no dirt in it. I guess you really get what you pay for with pro camera bodies. [#]

You know you’re a hardcore outdoor shooter when you’re pouring swamp water onto your camera to clean it.

Here’s one of the photographs Cariño made that day:

BBC photographer Timothy Allen has some well-worn cameras as well.

(via Nikon Rumors)

Image credits: Photographs by JP Cariño and used with permission

  • Emanuele Meazzo
  • Philippinecollectibles

    The D3 is weather-sealed but not waterproof…the photographer is not being hardcore by pouring water into the lcd of his only shows his apparent stupidity. The D3 ought to be treated with respect but not showers

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  • Jacob

    My D300 has withstood coffee, puddles of beer and long periods of time in the rain. love nikons weather sealing!

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  • Guest

    That D3 served him well.

    When you’re out getting the pictures in an extreme condition and never-seen-before things happened before your eyes. You have your D3 in your hand, would you grab your camera and fire the shutter? I guess you wouldn’t….. but those journalists does.

    That’s how i compared camera porn to shooting for a living.

  • m.a.d.

    Oh, of course, because a duck playing around in the mud has never been seen before, ever, obviously. It was CRUCIAL to risk this 4000 dollar camera for a duck.

  • Guest

    Did i mentioned “Duck” in my reply to Philippinecollectibles?

    Some photographers does risk even “life” for the truth the news in warzone. Some photo will paid the photographer more than the camera cost itself.