360° Lens Lets You Shoot Panoramic Video on the iPhone 4

Lens attachments for the iPhone 4 already exist, but the GoPano micro is a bit different — it’s a 360° lens that records every direction at the same time. Once it’s recorded, you can go back and use a special viewer to watch the video from any perspective, panning the scene as the video is playing. EyeSee360, the company behind the product, has launched a Kickstarter project to fund it and gauge interest. After setting a goal of $20,000, they’ve already managed to raise over $50,000 with more than a month remaining. Backing the project for $50 on Kickstarter will preorder you one of these lenses.

The company already makes similar panoramic lenses for actual cameras, including most DSLR models.

GoPano micro (via CheesyCam)

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