DreamWorks to Make Movie About the Death of Kodachrome Film

Kodachrome may be gone, but it’s far from forgotten — DreamWorks is planning to make a movie centered around the closing of the final Kodachrome lab in Kansas. Author Jonathan Tropper got the idea for the movie after reading an article about the film’s demise in the New York Times, and pitched the idea to the studio. His script involves a father-son road trip in which they attempt to reach the lab and process their Kodachrome rolls before their memories are lost forever. Shawn Levy is being named as the potential director for the movie.

(via SilberStudios)

Image credit: KODAK Kodachrome 64 25 slide film cartridges by Whiskeygonebad

  • Richard

    It deserves a movie, many movies were made with it ,it was the only film for me besides black and white ,a stable, archival , true to colors film. When I look at my prints and slides of Kodachrome not manipulated in photoshop like digital it stands up to digital no problem so long old friend.

  • Michael Stanclift

    I have feeling the song for the opening credits has already been selected.

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  • Bill Olson

    I still can’t believe that Kodachrome is gone. It was the one true constant in life. Of course, I exaggerate (but not much). I transfer home movie film to video for a living. I am constantly impressed by the stability and color of the Kodachrome image. I see Kodachrome film shot 60 years ago that looks like it could have been shot yesterday (except for the vintage clothing and automobiles). Kodachrome was truly unique. they’ve killed the unicorn.