35mm Cartridge that Transforms Film Cameras into Digital

When a fake camera technology is unveiled, it’s normally called a “concept”. When it’s published on April 1st, however, it’s called an April Fool’s Joke (e.g. last Friday’s Canon iPad monitor). The RE-35 is another fun idea that would be absolutely awesome if it actually existed — it’s a 35mm canister that transforms any 35mm film camera into a digital one using a flexible sensor. Simply load the canister into the camera as you would with film, shoot your photos, and download them by connecting to the canister via USB.

  • Anonymous

    Eva, they did do it for 120 film – it’s called a digital back (though, of course, only compatible with swappable film cartrige backs, but still lends them a new life). Because of the many different 120film camera designs (TLRs, ‘horizontal’ cams like the pentacon six/kiev 60, hasselblad/mamiya/etc swappable back-based ones) it wouldnt be as universal as a 135film sensor. Alas, I still hope an idea like this will pop up on kickstarter or something in the future…

  • Tenisd

    Make one permanent ISO or through an app, and detect when the pic is taken with light. If light enters its photo. When dark it is not.