How NASA Uses Photoshop for Epic Galaxy Photographs

Those epic photographs of stars and galaxies that you see on sites like NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day don’t actually look like that straight out of the camera. Instead, a good deal of post-processing magic goes into each photograph. How much magic? Countless black and white photographs shot with different cameras are carefully weaved together, and color is added to enhance the final image. The video above gives a quick and interesting two minute tour of how they post-processed one particular photo in Photoshop.

(via PhotoWeeklyOnline)

  • Karl Leung

    Yeowza, time for cheesy jokes about post-processing ad infinitum, tunes from the big top, and how NASA photoshoppers have got the right stuff ;)

    I love the photos that show off our little corner of the universe, and it’s fascinating to know that there’s a lot of human effort that goes into ‘em… Hmm, so all the ol’ painters became photoshop artists….

  • Charter Bus DC

    Here is Similar Story

    Fortunately, with modern computer software, it’s easy to get rid of that slightly scary and sinister red eye effect after a few clicks of the mouse.

    My thoughts turn to Emily Lakdawalla from the Planetary Society who has recently been the subject of a media frenzy after a conspiracy theorist called the image into question accusing NASA of “tampering” with a picture of Saturn’s moons.

  • Elana Seaton

    Why is EVERYTHING photoshopped nowadays :(.

  • sanman parvalkar

    b/w pictures ? why cant we send them some hi-def color camera’s ?