Microsoft Application Creates Seamless 3D Models Using Photographs

We may soon be using software that can easily recreate 3D models of objects and locations using only a series of photographs taken from various perspectives. Researchers in Microsoft’s Interactive Visual Media Group have created an application that does this, generating smooth and seamless 3D views of things using photos taken while walking around the object. In the demo above, we see what the software can do with 40 images shot while walking around a car. It’s pretty amazing.

3-D Models Created by a Cell Phone (via Engadget)

  • Patrick Ahles

    How 3D is this when you can only go left and right?

  • Chung Dha Lam

    There are already software out there that does a better job.

  • Ilker

    I was wondering the same, do you remember the name of any software? I am curious to find out.

  • Tarmo

    Microsoft’s Photosynth is little bit similar if you shoot around some object, but not so fluid as this.

  • Ilker


  • Toomas Kadarpik

    our eyes and brain are working quite the same way, we fill gaps in vision with smooth continuous images.

  • XOXO Wedding Photo

    Just take a video.

  • bri

    it looked basically the same as when he was scrolling through the input images

    not impressed

  • Misterdemo

    This maybe better.