Florida Farm Photography Bill Still Alive, but Changed to Be a Little More Sane

A couple weeks ago we reported that a lawmaker in Florida was trying to make photographing farms a felony. Turns out the Florida Senate Committee on Agriculture actually approved the bill this week, but only after passing a couple amendments that make the bill a little more reasonable. The new version of the bill only concerns photographs taken by people who trespass onto the private farmland, and instead of a felony the crime will now be a misdemeanor. Whew.

By the way, some folks in Iowa are trying to pass a similar bill

Florida Farm Bill Update (via dvafoto)

Image credit: Thai Farmland by marctonysmith

  • JimmyDoolittle

    Ask yourselves: Why do people have farmers so much?

  • Michael

    Urgh. Utterly bonkers…

  • Ray Andrews

    Wow still unconstitutional, but dressed down to sound reasonable. I cant wait to see this challenged. So what other constitutional rights do you give up in Florida if you’re trespassing ?

  • SmartAss

    Um … because sometimes the sheep are unavailable?

  • Me

    …what remains of the “land of the free.”

  • Matt

    Living in Ohio, I do this all the time. I’ve never had an incident or a complaint. Farmers are good people. As long as you aren’t wronging them, they’ll be more than hospitable to you.

  • Shvlhd666

    I can understand the part about no trespassing, but why was this bill even needed? This is a blatant waste of taxpayer dollars. Any politician who voted for this should be voted out. We need people with more common sense in our government.

  • src

    This bill hasn’t “passed” the Florida legislature as the title (and to a lesser extent the body) of the post suggests. Remember high school, or even grade school, government class? Lots of bills pass out of committees that never make it to the floor, and even more bills pass one house that never make it out of the other. Let’s stop being sensationalistic already.

  • Michael Zhang

    You’re right. We’ve changed the title to be more accurate, thanks

  • Greg

    the reason for this bill is to protect farmers from large corporations like Monsanto that use “field detectives” that photograph seed saving, a age old process that Monsanto claims violates the intellectual property rights and patents on GMO seed. Corporations are suing farmers for huge amounts of money and bankrupting them. Even if they did not purchase GMO seed, there can be cross pollination between different farmers fields. The cross pollinated crops are being claimed as Monsanto Property. If evidence is gathered in Illegal methods, like felonious trespassing, it is not admissible in court. Perhaps saving a few farmers there farms and livelihoods.

  • Anonymous

    Either way it is still PRIVATE PROPERTY and you still need to ask permission. Trespassing is still trespassing regardless of whether or not you’re a photographer.

  • Stephen McDonald

    Outer Hebrides, Scotland. Hopefully maybe get the opportunity later in the year!

  • Stephen McDonald

    Ooops, clicked next post by accident! Doh!

  • Dov

    Reasonable??? Howso, your being sarcastic right ?

  • Anonymous

    This pretty much busts the myth of Republican defense of personal freedoms doesn’t it?

  • guest

    WOW, senate addresses farm photography, Congress spends millions of dollars and hours on Roger Clemmens steroid use. Too many other countless acts of political absurdity to mention – WTF!!!! The higher powers did a great job “dumbing down america”, How are we letting this happen!!!!!!!