NASA Astronaut’s Photography Manual

NASA has a long history of using Hasselblad cameras in space and, interestingly enough, you can download the Astronaut’s Photography Manual used to train astronauts from Hasselblad’s website. It covers everything from operating the Hasselblad 500EL/M to composition, using situations unique to astronauts in its examples and illustrations.

Who knows — perhaps if space tourism starts taking off you might soon find this manual invaluable!

  • Colin Peddle


  • Dan

    Seems unnecessary complex and extremely technical.

  • Graham H

    Yeah, remember these photographers are astronauts. Their whole world revolves around complex!

  • Ka Ho Karl

    :) Instructional anything from once upon a time is always charming… Add space cool and ‘blads to the stew and you’ve got something special!

  • Trademark Litigation

    Here is a similar story

    If you ever want to feel bad about yourself and what you’ve accomplished in life, sit down for an afternoon and read astronaut bios. They represent the best of Type-A overachievers. They are an incredibly exclusive group – you have much better odds of being hit by lightning, winning the lottery, or becoming a rock star than orbiting Earth in space.

    Last summer, I had the rare opportunity to photograph a group of astronauts who had all been major players in the Space Shuttle program for a magazine that I’ve always wanted to work for: Air & Space. I had a fabulous editor who was one of the most supportive and collaborative professionals with whom I’ve ever worked.

  • Calkite7

    Nice that the Hasselblad can be operated with thick Astronaut gloves.

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