Surreal Double Exposure Photographs Created Entirely In-Camera

“Double Exposure” is a series of surreal photos by Dan Mountford creating by exposing single frames of film twice. While they look like photo-manipulations done with fancy image editing programs, Mountford relies on fancy camerawork for the images, leaving only the color additions/modifications to post-processing.

You can check out the entire series in this Flickr set, or purchase prints of the images here.

(via PhotoWeeklyOnline)

Image credits: Photographs by Dan Mountford and used with permission

  • Alvin T. Enguillo

    That’s great talent!

  • Leonidas

    amazing work

  • Mikeprice4269

    I saw Dan’s work about a few months ago and message him on facebook asking how he did it, he didn’t divulge any information really. However today I took some shots on a manual and am hoping I’ve got some double exposures.

  • Rickcook08

    This isnt really related, but you can get an similar effect on digital camera with a flash, Just set it to bulb in a pitch black room, and flash everytime you want to add to the image

  • Anonymous

    You can also Make something I call HDR mixes. Use the HDR process, but choose some of the ‘wrong’ images.

    (Full disclosure: I’m the one who started calling them HDR mixes, and as far as I know, the only one really doing them. )

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  • Jeff Finley

    These are terrific

  • Jay McIntyre

    Inspired by Dan, I set out to make similar images.  Here’s a blog post:

  • johhny

    While certainly very nice works, and succesful as art obviously, I can assure you that these images have been heavily manipulated in a photo editing program. I would love for Dan to have the courage to show the original film scans before he edited them to this point. He’s being more than a little disingenuous saying these were primarily an in-camera excercise – sorry, not true.

  • SJKing

    He’s also disingenuous if you purchase any of his images. Doesn’t post the product, doesn’t respond to enquiries just takes your money. I know I’m not alone in saying Dan Mountford = FRAUD