Retro f/stop Lens Bracelets Based on Old Nikon Lenses

If Adam Elmakias’ lens bracelets aren’t retro enough for you, is now selling these f/stop lens bracelets featuring a colorful design based on old Nikon/Nikkor lenses.

Here’s the lens that inspired the design:

You can buy the bracelets for $8.50 plus $1 shipping over on

Update: 1000 readers can use the code “petapixelrocks” for free shipping.

  • Jim Carter III

    just wait until this hits tumblr. game over.

  • Rob Goldstein

    How many photographers these days even know what an f-stop ring is?

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  • Paul Van

    Are you sure it’s based on the 28mm f2.8? The brackets are two stops faster at f1.4!!


    Paul, it wasn’t based on the 28mm, we based it actually on an 85mm 1.4 from “the good ol’ days” we still use. This is just an example of the Nikkor coloring scheme on the aperture ring. – David from

  • Richard Ford

    Old? I bought one new the other day… 28 2.8 AIS…..