Russian President Dimitri Medvedev Loves Photography

Did you know that Russian President Dimitri Medvedev is an avid photo enthusiast? In this video he shares some thoughts on photography, and talks about his own involvement in the art. If you’re wondering what he shoots with, the answer is a Leica M9, as well as Canon and Nikon cameras.

(via Photoxels)

  • melocotoconcita

    I like his approach :)

  • Bradford Smith

    ~ this is a great video and his images are awesome too. Thanks for the post Michael.

  • Anonymous

    Well, what’s his Flickr handle?? Seeing things like this really does make you regard a politician, or anybody in power, in a different light. It humanizes them, I think.

  • Anonymous

    Here I was all ready with some KGB jokes, but wow, the vid is interesting, and the comments are thoughtful and insightful, and even make the guy come across as somewhat of an interesting and nice guy. Cool.

  • Nokia Fan

    Leica M9??? bought with the corrupted money that Newspapers are talking about?!!

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