Canon 7D at the Australian Open

Big, expensive television cameras aren’t the only kind recording the action at the Australian Open. During the Federer vs. Djokovic semifinal match last night, the camera cut to this guy recording Novak with a Canon 7D. Luckily for him, it didn’t get smashed by a broken racquet.

It’s fun seeing cameras accessible to us ordinary folk being used on the big stage.

  • Gustavo Farfán これは至福


  • jefton

    I saw that last night! thought it was a 5D

  • Patrickdove1101

    7D users unite!

  • AJ Barlas

    I wonder how accessible to us the lense is he is using??

  • Chung Dha Lam

    he also has to hope the match doesnt last longer than burst limit of the camera, any info which lens he used?

  • Ken Johnes

    he was using a 1mm ultrawideangle lens made by a company called “crapyplasticlenses”.
    i mean ,i am tired of these `What lense´ questions by dumb gearheads all the time, dont you guys realize that people use lenses according to the situation and their needs.

  • Jack Kennedy

    I’m tired of so called ‘photo-enthusiasts’ spelling lens wrong.

  • Jackyy kennedyyyy

    I ma tireed of tze `spelling fanatics´ whoo want evveery thhingg too bee korrekteddd.