Pint-Sized Toy DSLR Complete with Swappable Lenses

Ordinary DSLR cameras too big and bulky for you? Check out the CHOBi CAM ONE, a DSLR-style toy camera the size of an eraser that actually has lenses you can swap in and out. It shoots 1600×1200 still photos and VGA video at 30 frames per second.

Here’s a sample of the video it can take:

The camera supports microSDHC memory cards of up to 32GB, and costs ¥9,800 (~$118) with a basic lens from the JTT Online Shop (currently it’s only available in Japan).


  • Chung Dha Lam

    Nice probably wont believe it actually take picture. People probably be thinking you are playing around with some keychain camera that does nothing, while you are taking actual pictures.

  • Lennart

    This is actually a real-size camera in Japan.

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  • Eugen S

    That’s one very expensive toy! I’m sticking with my iphone along with tiny lens adapters :)

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  • Anonymous

    it’s kinda creepy cause think about all the places those cameras that size can end up.

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  • Wing Wong

    Very very interesting. Still, 30 minute battery operation… I wonder if it has a LCD viewscreen on the back? Prolly not… ^_^;

    Agreed on the creepy bit. I was just thinking this is one of those “toys” that would be great as a hidden security camera. I can see having this with me for “just in case” moments.