Man Invents Futuristic Form of Glasses-Free 3D Viewing

3D is a hot new fad, but the fact that viewing things in 3D often requires special glasses is a huge deterrent to people who would otherwise embrace the technology. Well, a guy named Jonathan Post invented this awesome new way of viewing 3D on 120Hz monitor displays that simulates 3D Active Shutter Glasses. Maybe in the future we’ll be walking around in galleries viewing 3D photographs with blue and red devices attached to our temples.

This technology is obviously not a joke, clearly not creepy, and seems destined to become the next big thing.

(via Engadget)

  • Anurag Sharma

    “Clearly not creepy”? Hello??? Having your eye lids flutter like wings of a humming bird is not creepy?

  • Chung Dha Lam

    This is fake right cause I think having electroshock my eyelids to open en close with that crazy speed it not that healthy I think would damage or get bad eyes sight from it.

  • Tyler Webb

    Love the taste of sarcasm in the morning! Also, an accent seems to always make you take someone more seriously, anyone get that too?

  • Ilker

    There is no way I would use this if it is real!

  • Pedro Roza

    3D without glasses and soon without brain.

  • peta0927

    It was made as a joke.