Faking 1000FPS with Final Cut Studio and a Canon 60D

We’ve featured a couple beautiful examples of fake slow-motion video created using Twixtor shot with the Canon 7D and 550D. If you don’t want to shell out $300 just for Twixtor, you can do something somewhat similar using only Final Cut Studio. The above footage was shot at 60fps using a Canon 60D and created entirely with Final Cut Studio. Yes, yes, we know the wheels look strange, but it’s still a neat effect and might produce interesting results with the right kind of footage.

Here’s how it was done:

(via Canon 5D tips)

  • Mikeprice4269

    Is it weird that I kind of enjoy the weird stutter effect produced by this faking of slow motion, especially on the tires?

  • Dude

    I know it was made with the Final Cut Studio suit, but mainly it was done with Apple Motion which means this can also be done in After Effects :-)

  • Ilker

    Does anyone know what this music is?

  • straightshot

    It was not done completely in FCP. The clips were taken into Motion, then manipulated and brought back into FCP, and more work was done on them there.

    Here is the how to:

  • Michael Zhang

    Right, it was done completely in final cut studio, not final cut pro. We just updated the post with the how-to video, thanks

  • Monsieur Sorbet

    Erik Satie – GymnopĂ©dies

  • Anonymous

    Fixed gear mountain bike? Bizarre.

  • Peter Mulders

    I followd this short trick and it turned out great on this movie I made for a school project. Some movements look pretty weird, like the tire. Some I could not use. Some are just great. Thanks a lot for the tip! Check it out at


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  • Connor Crosby

    Excellent tutorial! I found this just in time since I needed to slow down people running.