Royal Engagement Photographs by Fashion Photographer Mario Testino

Prince William and Kate Middleton recently released engagement photographs shot by fashion photographer Mario Testino, who previously also made portraits of Princess Diana. Testino is one of the world’s most sought after fashion photographers, but public opinion regarding these portraits appears to be quite mixed (check out this dpreview forum thread).

What’s your opinion?

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Image credits: Photographs by Mario Testino

  • Abby

    Where’s the catch light in their eyes? Any creativity? Just curious because I would have expected more.

  • Nick Pattison

    I find the one on the right to be definitely sub-par. May as well have outlined the couple with a black pen.

  • Anonymous

    The natural light inthe first one in this post is pretty but like Abby said – where is the catch light? They are royalty these photos should be *dazzling* not your average engagement photos.

  • xlerate

    Pictures are fine.

  • Anonymous

    The picture on the right could have been done so much better. The cavern look just doesn’t do it right. I also think William’s smile looks a bit creepy.

  • Harpo_zanussi

    Not really a fan of the second photo. Very flat and bland.

  • lorrie

    Please tell me the cropping in these photos is not the finalized yet. Yikes!

  • jason

    considering who shot the images, and the people who were photographed. this is pretty much what i expected. they are fine. nothing great, nothing bad (i would never do them like this…but that’s just me).

  • Beesquare1

    Left one is gorgeous – right one looks completely photoshopped – surprised the royals gave it the thumbs up – not to mention testino himself giving it the go-ahead – definitely sub-par and an insult to his own reputation…

  • EP

    Given his amazing portfolio, I feel that it’s like a comment on my old school reports – could do better!

  • sinisterbrain

    The photos aren’t bad, just not great either. The real question is how long did he have to get the photos. So often you only get mere minutes for a shoot with a celb – no matter how good you are you can’t be perfect in that time-frame. If that were the case, I suspect few people could do better.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    The picture on the right looks very photoshopped.

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Please tell me the DoF in these photos is not finalized yet. Yikes!

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Exposure in the left one looks a little low, but maybe they did that for the huge highlight on the prince’s head.

    The right one looks like a quick 2 minutes “stand next to this window” on an overcast day portrait. Light temps aren’t complimentary, but it’s not a terrible photo.

    These look like Craigslist photographer with a D90 high school senior photos.

    That being said, I’d love to see larger, higher quality versions, since he *hopefully* used a medium format or larger camera.

  • Eugene

    I am not impressed. Odd cropping on the first photo (why would one cut off the hands?!). The posing on the second photo is a bit awkward. Also, the depth of field could be shallower.

    Basing my opinion on those two photos, I follow much better engagement/wedding photographers on Twitter.

  • Tyler Webb

    What use does a medium format perform? What’s wrong with a professional DSLR?

  • Tyler Webb

    I think this is the real point here.

  • crisderaud

    I’m not impressed. The back lighting in the left photo left there faces too dark and I see evidence of noise in the areas that have been brightened.

    She shouldn’t have been allowed to wear white for an inside shoot as the flash has blown out any detail in her dress in the right hand shot. The shot looks like it had an over dose of clarity giving it a combination of over sharpening and too much contrast. Her face look too smooth also as if it were overworked.

  • Anonymous

    Have you ever used a medium format digital/leaf back? The color quality is something else, compared to even the 5D mkII AND kodak portra.

  • Cdalebadboy

    You guys are just jealous because his a pro and you are all wannabes.

    Anyway, the pics are crap.

  • Flgraphics

    not impressive at all really

  • Zack

    Almost as bad as Avedon’s photos of the Kennedy’s.

  • Jason

    judging by the harsh (hater-esque) comments, it leads me to think that the majority of these commentors are a) not pros and b) never shot an engagement session in their life before. these are TWO shots from how many hundreds that may have been shot? people are critiquing the cropping, but the cropping seems to come from somewhere else (this site?) and not from the original source. also, people talking about blown highlights… just because every book says blown out highlights are BAD BAD BAD, doesnt necessarily mean it applies to every photo. i think it works in that photo above, mainly because who the eff cares what the background looks like in this closeup portrait shot.

    stop hating and saying silly things like “i couldve done better.” well, we will never know because you havent put it one one thousandths of the amount of hard work and effort mario testino has put in.

  • Tyler Webb

    Sorry, bad phrasing, I was more getting to the implied idea that the shoot/pictures aren’t good enough unless shot on medium format.