Hoodman Adds Body Armor to SD Cards

If having a plastic shelled memory card just isn’t enough for you, Hoodman’s new RAW STEEL line of SD cards goes a step further by reinforcing the card with steel plating. In addition to being rugged, the epoxy assembly makes the cards waterproof as well. No word on how well these cards would survive being roasted in a burning car, though. They’ll be available starting mid-November, 2010.

  • Jason Wittich

    Dear PP let me delete posts…thank you from all of us (I am sure)

  • Jason Wittich

    Will it blend?

  • Eugene

    Soon they’ll be making bulletproof SD and CF cards…

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  • Guest

    Sometimes you need a sturdy SD card.

  • Anonymous

    Now they just need to make some Compact Flash cards like that! These SD cards are hatin’ on my Canon 40D!!

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    I’ve snapped a few DSHC cards in half inserting them too fast. This thing would have to be almost solid, high-carbon steel to be unbreakable.