First Digital Photograph Ever Made

Did you know that the first digital camera invented in 1975 didn’t actually produce the first digital photograph? The first digital photo actually came almost two decades earlier in 1957 when Russell Kirsch made a 176×176 pixel digital image by scanning a photograph of his three-month-old son. The low resolution was due to the fact that the computer they used wasn’t capable of storing more information.

(via Discovery News)

  • Anonymous

    Seeing this is kinda amazing to see how far we’ve come technologically in such a short relative time frame. Most computers back in the late 50s were still run by paper punch cards. (EEK!) :)

  • Anonymous

    I always thought of a scan file as something different from a photograph, I just hadn’t thought of it as a form of photography. Still seems kind of shaky.

  • Matt

    I agree. Maybe this is the first digital image, but I don’t consider it a digital photograph either. To me, if it wasn’t taken with a digital camera then it isn’t a digital photograph.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    I find scanning be same as photography ,I now rather use my camera to capture documents fast than have a big noisy scanner.

  • Bergur

    I only have one comment: That picture or image is friggin’ scary.

  • Dare Nish

    For me it’s a World First Digital Photograph… not photography. As what it says on the title.

  • Anonymous

    Is that a monkey?

  • bakonfreek

    Did they just store raw data and view the image using a purpose-built computer?