Adobe Photoshop Workspace in Real Life

Maybe this is what “Photoshop” would be like if computers had never been invented. This workspace has it all — tools, rulers, layers, etc… These are probably the tools the “I Have PSD” guy uses.

(via Photojojo)

Update: For those of you who don’t believe this is a photograph (or who want to see it larger), here’s a higher resolution version.

Image credit: Photograph by Anton Ismael for Bates141 Jakarta

  • Shoomba

    I can’t exactly tell, but I have a feeling this was created on Photoshop

  • Michael Zhang

    Updated the post with a link to a higher res version. Check it out =)

  • Tyler Webb

    This is great! Didn’t realize till the larger version how big this set up really is.

  • Kpcasey

    Where do I set the brown box theme in CS5?

  • Amadeusz Jasak

    It is quite old – I’ve seen this picture in last year I think ;) And to prove you its’t not photoshoped, there is a behind-the-scenes video on Vimeo (but sadly, I haven’t bookmarked it).