Sneak Peek: This is Content-Aware Fill on Steroids

Adobe Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill is a powerful way to remove portions of photos, but its results can fall short and it doesn’t have tools for customizing the results. But that’s about to change: it will soon receive a huge upgrade with its own workspace and tools, and the 2-minute video above is a Sneak Peek at what’s coming soon.

Content-Aware Fill is currently found in a simple dialog box with only a few things you can adjust:

Without the ability to customize things much beyond selecting the areas to remove, photographers often get “Content-Aware Fails”:

Adobe is addressing this problem by giving Content-Aware Fill its own workspace and a collection of dedicated options and tools.

A new real-time preview of the results will show you what you’ll even before you choose to apply the fill to the image.

With the new workspace, you’ll be able to deselect portions of the photo that you’d like to exclude from the Content-Aware Fill results:

You’ll be able to Rotate and Scale source pixels and have Adobe’s AI technology intelligently fill in hard-to-fill patterns and textures:

You’ll be able to use the Mirror checkbox to use a reflection of part of the photo to fill in a space:

The new Content-Aware Fill will make it easy to do fills that were previously difficult or impossible for the feature to do when it was merely a one-click solution.

While Adobe hasn’t revealed an exact date on which the new Content-Aware Fill will be released in Photoshop, the company does say that it’s “coming soon,” so we’re guessing that it’ll be in a matter of weeks or months.