Building a Twin Lens Reflex Camera Out of Cardboard

Last month we shared some of Kiel Johnson‘s amazing cardboard camera creations, and now here’s a behind-the-scenes video showing how one of them (a twin lens reflex camera) was made. Kiel uses only three materials: cardboard, tape, and glue. I had no idea the cameras were so massive, since the photos he takes of them don’t show any indication of scale.

(via Virtual Photography Studio)

P.S. On an unrelated note, supposedly the above video is designed to be viewable on iPads and iPhones. Let us know if you’re on one of these devices and you can see the video!

  • Amadeusz Jasak

    Till very end of the video I was sure he would put there some large format lens+shutter, top-lens and mirror and some large format film :D Anyway cool thing :D But you forgot to add “huge” in the title :D

  • Mark

    Great Video! That guy has amazing skill! Oh and @PetaPixel, I watched the video perfectly, on my iPad but couldn’t write a comment using it as the “Post as…” button just hangs and does nothing. :)