Geeky Aperture Clock Widget for Photogs with Android Phones

Apparently inspired by the f-stop watch we posted on recently, theres a new widget for Android phones that puts an aperture clock on your home screen. Unlike the wrist watch, the widget actually adjusts the “aperture” depending on what time it is, though it refreshes every half hour to save battery life. The bad news is that this dash of geekery comes at a price — the app costs $1.05 over at AppBrain. Someone make a free version please.

Aperture Clock Widget (via Photography Bay)

  • Arild Orholm

    Please stop using the abbreviation “Photogs”, it makes the World throw up.

    Thanks, the World.

  • Michael Zhang

    Didn’t know this before your comment, but apparently it’s a dictionary word used since 1906:

  • Zak Henry

    I like the alternative mentioned – Lensmen

  • brombomb

    I should make my own. Also turning to a 24 hour clock we could add 16, 22 :)

  • Gmr2048

    Seriously…are you bellyachin’ about spending $1.05 on an app? How many “L” lenses can you get for that $1.05? How about lattes? Packs of bubblegum? Newspapers? I think spending a buck or two on a clever app (even if it is just copying somebody else’s real-world idea) is fair. Don’t you think they put $1.05’s worth of their time into it? Of course, as an alternative, you could always just buy the watch…for $36.

    I do like the idea of making it a 24 hour clock. I’m gonna suggest that to the developer.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. It’s $1.05 FFS…