Copyright Embedding Tool for the Ultra Paranoid Photographer

If you’re sick of having your precious photographs ripped off and digital watermarking isn’t your thing, you can use this translucent copyright symbol to embed an obnoxious copyright symbol in all of your photographs! The mysterious Martin Nachtwey tells duckrabbit,

What I do is use a perspex © symbol that I dangle in front of the lens. It works a treat. No man, big or small, is stripping that mofo out of the image…I don’t see any problem in letting your readers in on the secret…all you need is a sheet of perspex, a jigsaw, a stick and some thread.

I have written all the small print onto the sign, so it is only readable under enlargement/reproduction. Another benefit of my method is that it works for film as well as digital!

Here’s how your awesome photographs turn out straight out of the camera:

Who’ll want to steal your images now? Booya!

(via duckrabbit)

Image credits: Photographs by Martin Nachtwey/David White and used with permission

  • Mark

    I’m sure it could still be edited, but the person doing so has their work cut out for them.

  • Clint Davis

    LOL love it

  • Ratt Bastard

    Now THAT’S a photoshop project an’ a half to remove, ya hackers!! Love it!!

  • VC

    Love how the placement follows the rule of thirds!!

  • Mark

    … but then I guess the “ultra paranoid photographer” wouldn’t be putting their photos on the web in the first place.

  • Abhishek Chandran

    Totally sticking it to the stealer!

  • Veronica

    that could still be easily photoshopped…

  • Rob Goldstein

    content aware fill will make short work of that unfortunately.

  • Frans Goddijn

    Using this, you would want to make sure your focus is on the sign, so the small print can be read. The subject of all photos would be sort of hazy in the background and sometimes no one could make out what it was in the first place and *that* would make stealing the picture even more difficult ha!

  • uncachable

    Don’t forget to include the fine print.

  • JazMinderr

    lol that takes away the point on focusing on the photography itself.. >.<

  • Blork

    Who’d want to LOOK at your pictures now?

    It always drives me nuts when non-pro photographers paste all these ugly copyright notices all over the photos they put on their photo blogs (you see that in aminus3 all the time). Dude, you’re an amateur. Nobody’s going to steal your little photo blog pictures, and if they did you should be flattered.


    Except that the copyright symbol is permanently and prominently included in the picture itself. It’s either ironic or moronic.

  • a reader in HI

    in the old days of film, especially on 4×5 holders, photog would have a specialist build a translucent piece of glass or plastic with their named engraved that would burn the image on the corner of a piece of film so there was no question who shot the film. The film holders had it in the top left corner, if I recall. easy to print and crop out though.

  • Anonymous

    There’s no value in the photo unless you take the same photo without the stupid notice.

    Find someone with a laser engraver and it would look a lot smoother. But there’s a point where you just ruin the photograph. If you want to track photo theft, and actually have a photo selling business worth protecting, you should check out Scott Bourne’s blog posts on photo “fingerprinting” and services that detect if the photo has been illicitly reposted.

    All I do is not post a high-res copy, VGA res is about enough as far as I’m concerned. When posting to the internet, I expect it to be reposted, so it’s not such that it would damage the value of the original if and when it does get copied. Assuming there is monetary value in the original pic.

  • Martin Fernandez

    if it was 4/1 I’d say it was a fool’s joke; Either way this post is still a joke…

  • Sarah

    Bless the people who are taking this way to seriously :)

  • Al

    PERFECT! I would still have to add my name in extra bold Comic Sans with the year, 20px font. lol

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    For a nominal fee you can have the IR filter on your sensor laser etched with your copyright and logo. ;^)

  • Vance Duxbury

    would you believe that someone would take this seriously! Relax and have fun! Great post, thanks for the giggle

  • Risk

    personally i like it, just because of the fact that it gave me a lot of new ideas to photograph XDDD

  • Alexandra G.

    It’s laughable what we have become! no really, it is.