Casio EX-H20G Uses Hybrid GPS System to Track Your Location

Just unveiled at Photokina, Casio’s new EXILIM EX-H20G point-and-shoot is a pretty ordinary 14.1 megapixel HD video-capable camera with a trick up its sleeve: a hybrid GPS system for geotagging your photos. Ordinarily cameras geotag your images with location based on signals from GPS satellites, but become oblivious to where you are if you move to a location where the signals can’t be detected. The EX-H20G attempts to overcome this problem by storing the user’s last known satellite location in the camera’s memory, and then using data from internal motion sensors to calculate where the user has moved to since the signal was lost.

It’s not clear yet how accurate this hybrid system is, or whether the camera needs to stay on for all this to work. If it does indeed work as advertised, then this is a pretty nifty solution to a common problem. The camera will be available in November 2010 for $350.

  • Warren

    Im not crazy about this feature. Im not sure I want everyone who sees my pics to know where to find me

  • AtoYifru

    i am afraid this is not new :(
    check out some SONY products (video cameras) for 2008-2009, and you`ll find the same stuff out there too

  • Jerry Saunders20

    I got one and the indoor GPS works great! The camera is also offered in a good student savings deal online! I got mine from there.