Photographs Created in Virtual Worlds

Robert Overweg is a photographer who works in the virtual world. His series, “the end of the virtual world“, contains images captured in popular computer games at the edges of the “world”. Based in the Netherlands, Overweg has been working exclusively in the virtual world since 2007.

Regarding this project, Overweg writes,

This series of photographs originates from four popular first person shooter games (Left 4 dead 2, Half-life 2, counter-strike and modern warfare 2) Unlike you might think the virtual world is not round like the physical world but flat with hard-cut edges. These photographs show us how the virtual world ends. What I find interesting about these photographs is that they behold a certain dramatic almost classical feel to them playing with our real life experiences but cut off.

You can see more of his projects here.

This reminded me of a post we published last year titled “8 Video Games that Feature Photography“.

Thanks for the tip Kloppertster!

Image credits: Images by Robert Overweg

  • Brett

    While I do think that you can create photographs in many mediums. He’s making a series out of finding the edge of a map and screenshotting a street. Valve is notorious for efficient mapping. if you can’t see it from the intended path, it’s not there. I think he’s looking too far into the symbolism of a entity boundaries in the Hammer editor.

    He could have at least went with a prettier engine.

  • Tobi

    Yeah, thats neither creative nor art or something..And definitely not photography!

  • Mikeprice4269

    This classes as creative? I’m going to upload a screenshot of me dying in Sonic 3 and get some awesome buzz about the creativity as I will be trying to symbolise how at some point we all die when we get to Launch Base Act 2 as we never quite make the right jumps in our lives.

  • Luckyluckersons

    Word…This is reaching as far as “Art” goes.

    Perhaps i’ll go into an art gallery and take a bunch of pictures of corners of paintings that OTHER PEOPLE painted. Then i’ll call my work a “collection” and pretend i’m a serious photographer. Seriously? This person is taking screenshots of videogame artwork and hosting gallery exhibitions.. how is this not plagiarism?

  • Chise

    Did you create the whole world ?
    When a photograph take a landscape photography, maybe he must write “with the participation of mother nature”, and try to find her to give her some money or any way to say to her “s**t, thanks a lot for the landscape you gave to me”.

    I think what define art is definitely not your aptitude to create something (as you can make a table with wood), but your aptitude to take something which is going to share a special idea, vision, anything i don’t know how to explain in english (I’m french and very veryyyy bad in english T_T).

    I agree that I was disappointed, asking myself about the amazing works a big studio (or a little, whatever), did to bring to us this graphisme, with all their lights and textures, and I was just like “hmmm… did he stole their work ?”, but in fact when I went to Robert Overweg’s Exhibition, standing in front of second photography, I feel strange, calm, and maybe a little sad. I felt something.

    I know it’s not the only thing that allow us to call something “art” or not, but don’t be so angry (hu, I’m not sure it’s really what I mean, sorry T_T), Robert have a lot of other work (still screenshot) with a very interesting esthetic choice (at the exhibition, there was a photography of neons in a video games, and when you looked at it, you could see the letter “E”, that was very simple, very esthetic, and it prove to me that this guy had an “eyes”, and for me, a photographer is an eyes. (an eyes with a sens of… of what ? I can’t describe it within all the words I need).

    I’m sorry for my english, I don’t might to be agressive at all, but I’m sad that the first reaction today with this kind of creation is “it’s too easy, so… just shit”.

    Sincerely, we cannot know the time it’s need to find the good way to take this screenshot,
    and I hope if it was so simple, he choose to give us more than 10 pieces of work. (and in fact, it’s also very difficult to choose in all your pictures, the ones which are the most interesting to show).