Kilfitt Zoomatar 250mm f/1.3 Lens for Hasselblad Medium Format Cameras

Most of the time we come across an absurdly large and expensive lens on eBay, it’s some sort of lens with focal lengths in the thousands of millimeters (e.g. this 5200mm Canon lens or this 2000mm Nikon lens).

The lens shown above is the Kilfitt Zoomatar 250mm f/1.3 and is currently for sale on eBay. It doesn’t have an absurdly large focal length, but is pretty standard at 250mm. See the little box handing off the end of the lens? That’s the Hasselblad medium format camera this lens is designed for.

The price? A cool $33,751. Needless to say, walking around doing street photography with this lens would earn you some pretty strange looks.

Thanks for the tip Jon!

  • Chung Dha Lam

    That is a huge lens and expensive lens. Be extreme heavy to carry around but for sure if its a good build would be able to capture nice low light shots.

  • Dbutch

    As a former Hasselblad shooter from 1960-85, I can relate to this. But it was not the size or weight of the medium format that was Hasselblad’s problem. It was the drift to arrogance and abandonment of the customer.

  • Heber Coll


  • Rick

    Jeez. Asking $33k and the seller couldn’t even be bothered to wipe the dust off? Yeah. Epic indeed.

  • Pieter

    Goodbey Noctilux…Hello Kilfitt…. :)