Introducing the Leica Look-Alike Skin for the iPhone 4

Remember the awesome Leica M9 iPhone 4 skin that we featured back in August? If you desperately wanted one, today is your lucky day — we’ve created our own and it’s for sale in the PetaPixel Store for $13 with free shipping within the US!

The super detailed plastic skin is designed to protect your iPhone 4 while making it look just like a Leica rangefinder camera.

Of course, the other side of the phone is also skinned in the same manner:

If you’re ready to grabs yours, head on over to the PetaPixel Store here.

This product is not affiliated with Leica Camera AG

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  • Shawn Parker

    If I wasn’t using a case I’d be all over this.

  • Tim Biller

    Please make a black-finish one!


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  • Nick Pannuto

    If I wasn’t using a case I’d be all over this also!

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  • Crt

    For the same folks that add a Lexus badge to their KIA.

  • Crt

    For the same folks that add a Lexus badge to their KIA.

  • Alex Glanville

    Why is the iPhone 4 running as an iPod on iOS2?

  • Michael Zhang

    We used a non-functional dummy unit to model the skin. =)

    Sharp eye, haha.

  • Alex Glanville

    Thanks! It certainly helps when taking and editing photos! It took my a while to notice the oddity; something just didn’t seem right at first. After a while I thought it was iOS2 (my only other iDevice is on iOS2 and so I’ve personally never experienced anything higher). But the hollow dot got my a eye recently after I posted P:

    Anyways! Love the skin. Ordered mine when the tweet was posted and will hopefully arrive soon! Action photos to follow ;D

  • James Taylor

    Can you put one of those clear cases (i.e. CaseMate) over this? I ordered one anyways…

  • Michael Zhang

    We haven’t tried, but I can’t think of why it wouldn’t still fit =) The skin is pretty thin.

  • justjeanette

    Ummmm …. silly question … will it fit an iphone 3G?

  • Michael Zhang

    It might fit or require a little trimming (not sure), but probably not very neatly.

  • James Taylor

    Thanks for the reply!

    A coworker confirmed you would need to use the Bumpers for these skins, not the clear hard cases.

    If you go with a bumper, use the HTC Incredible Holster for a perfect fit =0)

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  • Cinenz

    Helloo.. this skin doesnt ship to Australia? D:

  • Michael Zhang

    It does. Why do you ask? Does the option not show up somewhere?

  • Juan

    will this also work for the Ipod Touch?

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  • Silvia

    can I just use the back part of the cover or it is all connected with the front one as well?