iPhone 5 Has Purple Flare, Possibly the Same Issue That Plagued the Leica M8

If you were thinking about buying the iPhone 5 as your primary carry-around camera, you might want to hold off on that. Reports are emerging that the camera suffers from purple flares when bright light sources are in or around the frame. Cult of Mac reports that iPhone 5 owners are taking to online forums to express their displeasure with this issue.

Working Leica M8 Created Using Lego

Behold -- A Leica M8 camera created using Lego bricks! Schfio Factory this awesome toy camera using a $50 pink Lego digital camera and carefully building bricks around it to turn into Leica look-alike. It shoots at 3 megapixels and holds up to 80 photographs on its internal memory. Sweet.

Introducing the Leica Look-Alike Skin for the iPhone 4

Remember the awesome Leica M9 iPhone 4 skin that we featured back in August? If you desperately wanted one, today is your lucky day -- we've created our own and it's for sale in the PetaPixel Store for $13 with free shipping within the US!

The super detailed plastic skin is designed to protect your iPhone 4 while making it look just like a Leica rangefinder camera.