Man Blows a Fireball and Burns Up His Canon 5D Mark II

Expensive camera equipment getting destroyed seems to be a reoccurring theme this month here on PetaPixel. Early in the month there was the story of the 7D getting burned up in an exploding car, and earlier this week we shared a DigitalRev video of DSLRs getting abused tested for durability.

If the DigitalRev video got you mad, then this one might infuriate you. For whatever reason, photographer Cyril Helnwein decided to fire-breathe onto his Canon 5D Mark II and burn it up, posting a video of it to YouTube’s “comedy” category.

Any guesses as to how badly a camera can be burned before it stops working? It seems like camera bodies hold up pretty well to fire and abuse.

(via Planet5D)

Update: Apparently the camera was boken and could not be repaired or sold. Thanks Brett!

  • Anonymous

    proof yet again that canon owners are crazy.

  • Michael Zhang

    But what if he was doing it to switch to Nikon? *Cue Twilight Zone theme*

  • ZephNor

    My heart kinda broke looking at that 8( I wouldn’t have minded having that camera.

  • Anonymous

    they should just give me the money.. i have much better uses for it.

  • Tim Burton

    looks knackered before he started

  • iKlsR

    rich people… *smh

  • Fenriq

    Um, he did it for the attention its getting. Just like the Will It Blend folks enjoy destroying gadgets for the traffic. Some people have more dollars than sense.

  • chipgillespie

    This is just lunacy. Sure, we get it — you bought it, you can do with it what you wish. But this is just wasteful and stupid. I’m ashamed that I gave this video the attention of having watched it. Instead of this crap, how about we focus on real artists creating real art with their cameras, and not using them to create smoldering piles of plastic and metal.

  • freeboprich

    That reminds me of the story about David Beckham being asked for a cigarette lighter, so he passes the guy a burning £50 note – yet worse! What a numbskull.

  • suixelo

    There are hundreds of people out there that can’t afford a camera like that. How wasteful and selfish.

  • Brett

    Cyril posted on his video saying it was broken and could not be repaired or sold. While it is sad that a 5D mark II was destroyed, it was basically trash already.

  • Mike

    Why, why why…

  • Coaten4vi

    And the point of this is…?

  • Bmb0248

    Apparently he DOESNT know of the Canon Loyalty Program. Return a broken 5dII and get a new one for ~$1679 USD.

  • QuBe

    It’s total bull that it couldn’t be repaired. Might have been expensive, but unless the magnesium frame was actually cracked, it could have been repaired.
    If not, it’s the law in most places that it be properly disposed of as e-waste.

    Judging by the sophisticated look of this this bald headed, tattooed guy (to say nothing of his actions), I’d put money on the notion that he just scooped it into his bag when he was doing a B&E and he didn’t really know what it was…so he thought: “Cool! Let’s burn it.”

    Either that or the meths were telling him the camera was possessed by the devil and to cleanse it with fire…


  • QuBe

    Figures….dude is just another douchebag photographer trying to get publicity cause his photography is too feeble to make it on it’s own.

  • alosh

    First of all, idiots like those should stop wasting money like this.
    Second,idiots like you should stop popularizing such acts.

  • Bertrand Haulotte


  • andrew

    Bertrand I agree with you,apart been aSTUPID He has no brains at all.


  • Alex Seccombe

    Wow. I never thought I’d see someone online post this amount of retarded judgemental bulls**t without ever meeting the subject, but you sir, have become my first.

    I for one have a shaved head. I have tattoos, and yet I manage my own digital agency, and I earn in excess of £50K a year. Care to say that just because I have a similar look as the guy in the video that I also do B&Es?

    Think before you speak.

  • QuBe

    I have to say right back at ya sir.

    He lives fully up to the egregious stereotype by his deeds.

    Do you senselessly immolate electronics?
    Do you create toxic waste for the purpose of sensationalistic exposure?

    If not, don’t assume a judgment against yourself and go on the offense because you perceive it being based on characteristics you share with the one in the line of fire.

    In this case, I don’t have to meet this guy to have the opinion he is a douchebag.

  • YJawhar

    This guy is an idiot & @PetaPixel, why would you post something like this? Is it funny? Is it “ART”? I don’t get it!

  • Ziocan

    The proof that Nikon rulez

  • Anonymous

    not really! but nikon does rule..

  • Anonymous

    This comment reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons where Moe suggests burning down the observatory so they never have a chance of a meteor hitting their town again…

  • Joakim Fjeldli

    I can hear its screams :(

  • Anonymous

    That can’t be good for the environment.

  • Veronica

    please stop posting crap like this!
    i don’t care what dumb people like this do to get some attention.

  • Cengiz C.

    Video removed from YouTube by author. Didn’t want to see it anyway. It would only end up in tears for me. Poor camera.

  • Benny_y

    Not really !!