Dude Shoots the Moon with an iPhone 4

Believe it or not, the above photograph was made with an iPhone 4. jurilog created a tiny astrophotography kit using a small telescope you can buy online for ¥9,800 (~$115) and a miniature tripod mount.

He writes on his blog:

I used Borg’s Pencil Borg(175mm/F7) telescope and Vixen’s LV5mm eyepiece. In the case, 35x telescopic image was shown by the system. I tried to see the moon to test it.

Fun photography often comes in small packages.

Fly me to the moon on iPhone 4 (via Engadget)

Image credits: Photographs by jurilog and used with permission

  • Jason Brown

    Created with a Canon IXUS 80 (less that $NZD 200) and a 8-inch Dobsonian Scope … the original is 17500 pixels on a side. See for process notes …

  • freeboprich

    Heh, I think I know which I prefer!

  • Jason Brown

    Yeah, it’s a “just cos it’s an iPhone, doesn’t make it cool” kinda reaction … bit kneejerk of me I guess, but the camera I used to shoot this moontage (see what I did there? :) is a full quarter of the price of one of them iBricks.

    Granted I have a better telescope, but still. Also, he needs to get his ISO down or something on the left hand side there .. blowout :)

  • iHate

    … and it looks awful ! Hey I’m expecting more from you. This is just crap and it’s got here just because of the iHype …

  • J.F.Sebastian

    I totally agree with Jason Brown… People have been shooting the moon with cheap webcams for years, so using an iPhone is everything but impressive.

  • The Peach

    I can photograph the moon with my bare eyes!!! No, srsly, what’s wrong with you guys?

  • Van

    reeeaaally… ?

    was it worth the effort?

  • Kirby

    Whoa! The iPhone really can do anything!
    Usually people use guns!