How to Photograph Darth Vader Riding a Chipmunk

This photograph, titled “Easy Rider“, was shot by photographer Chris McVeigh (AKA powerpig on Flickr). The photograph seems so unbelievable that many people asked whether it was faked using Photoshop.

In response, McVeigh posted the following video showing his technique.

As this video will show, it’s all happening right there in front of the camera. I get no satisfaction out of a composited photo—the challenge for me is to capture the chipmunk engaged in a real and rather extraordinary situation. And keep in mind that this is a wild chipmunk, not my pet. (Color correction and the lightsaber effect were applied in post-production.)

Amazing! Now please do the same thing with a deer and a life sized Vader.

(via Gizmodo)

Image credit: Easy Rider by powerpig and used with permission

  • Persio

    if there’s effects being added, lines being removed, etc, then it is not photography, that’s art, at best.

  • Josh

    That’s bullshit Persio. Do you know how many tricks developers used to use before digital was around? This would be the same sort of thing.

  • Hollysayso

    Then there is very little photography in this modern age at all.

  • TheMysteryCow

    Yeah, seriously, man. Anyone who says there’s no post-production involved in photography is very obviously *not* a working photographer.

  • Burntheartist

    If that’s the case the only thing considered photography is 110 shots of birthday parties in the mid 80s.

  • Erik Turner

    thanks for feeding wild animals, jerk.

  • martindoersch

    I totally love the work of “powerpig”! It’s just amazing!

  • Farfbaz


    I guess no one should feed birds than either huh? Get a life.

    Great photos!

  • Scarletta

    art occurs when the artist intends it to be art. marcel duchamp demonstrated that. photographers produce art as well and call it photography, which it is. this project also must have involved helping the chipmunk to be comfortable with a person close by. not all chipmunks are so daring.

  • Eatingthedinosaur

    Shut up.

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  • Scotty

    I think that was awesome and hilarious. And for the people who think this isn’t photography, well I guess Ansel Adams never did photography either. He was a great proponent and innovator of manipulation.

  • Shane Wang

    Hi hows it going folks! save our natural wildlife. save the chipmunks

  • Shane Wang

    Hi hows it going folks! save our natural wildlife. save the chipmunks

  • Matthieu

    I understand. moodern time does not allow us to have a life… this is awesome!! I really think I will just give up my girl, my work and stop any social life… thank you so much for this video. it’s the inspiration that I needed.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for feeding active trolls, moron.