Canon 60D Leaked, Should Arrive within a Few Months

Everyone is expecting news of a new Canon 60D soon, and a leak yesterday by DxO seems to indicate that it will be in our hands by November of this year, meaning that Canon is probably planning to announce the new camera in late September at Photokina 2010.

The camera was listed with an assortment of existing lenses on the short-term roadmap for upcoming modules, along with dates for when it’s planned for.

Rumor has it that the camera will have 18 megapixels, 1080p video recording, and a swiveling LCD display. Any guesses as to what other improvements the 60D will offer?

(via Photography Bay)

  • Saptarshi

    Wonder how Canon will juxtapose the 60D with the 7D. Swiveling LCD, is it? Interesting.

  • Sakamoto

    I thought using the number 6 within a product name was really really bad luck!

  • freeboprich

    The Screen might crack off?

  • Picture zealot

    Swiveling, depending on which way, could be very helpful for photojournalism, events, etc. when you want to take pictures overhead.

  • Salz

    I've been waiting for this news so damned bad.

  • TylerIngram

    A swivel LCD? Going the way of the point-and-shoots eh?

    Yea so I thought the 7D was the new 50D sort of idea? What's going to be different between the 60D and the 7D other than the display?

    Why not work on a firmware for the 7D for features I want: Low-Level Format of memory, ability to change the frame-rate of continuous mode (like the 300s) oh my list can go on and on.

  • FĂ©lix Pagaimo

    I was going to buy the 7D probably next month so now i have to wait for the news on this 60D. I wonder what the differences will be between both cameras

  • Mezeus

    The biggest difference will most likely be the model number.

  • ShotMan

    No swivel screen please! I don't think any DSLR should have view is pushing it so lets just stop there.