Neat Inflatable Bag for Safely Moving Gear from Place to Place

The Kata ABS-HD is a new kind of bag that starts out the size of a book, and can be inflated to become a carry-on bag for protecting full size camcorders. What’s nifty about this idea is that when not in use, the bag is extremely compact and can be stowed away with your other luggage. The bag is designed specifically for stowing expensive equipment safely in the overhead bins on planes, so the bag doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles.

Inflating is done with a built-in tube and takes about a minute, and the bag can be carried using either the handle or an included shoulder strap. Though the price hasn’t been announced yet, the bag should hit the market in the near future.

(via Gizmodo)

  • Kapitein Harteveld

    Nice… also watertight???? So it can float?

  • Richard Horsfield

    Great idea, I'd buy a couple…

  • Ccphoto2000

    Float? How heavy are the contents? May not float…. on top

  • eqserran

    They used to make saxophone cases like these. You could supposedly drop it from a roof and your sax would be fine.

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  • Pj

    Have to wonder how they'll deal with the change in cabin pressure.