Photojournalist Develops Last Produced Roll of Kodachrome

It’s the end of an era. Photojournalist Steve McCurry has developed the last roll of Kodachrome film produced by Kodak.

National Geographic has been following the final journey of the last Kodachrome roll ever since Kodak’s announcement last year that it would retire Kodachrome. Kodak has been manufacturing Kodachrome since 1935.

McCurry developed 36 slides on Monday at Dwayne’s Photo Service in Parsons, Kansas, which is the last labs to process the film type. The final images were shot in New York City, but the last three frames were taken in Parsons.

If you’ve got undeveloped canisters of Kodachrome of your own, Dwayne’s will develop them only through December of this year.

(via Associated Press)

Image Credit: Old Kodachrome canisters by Ryan Sahb

  • Mike

    I feel like playing that song from Paul Simon… very sad…

  • Kim Lively

    Mama, don't take my Kodachrome away… :(

  • Tim

    Thank God it wasn't used by some flickr fan or microstock zombie on pics of kittens and dandelions.

  • Jim

    I guess to take a step forward one must first take a few backwards. Even a drug store scanned Kodachrome slide will blow away the best digital camera in color and resolution. Oh well.

  • murat germen

    so the afghan girl is gone and kodachrome comes in:)

  • Marc Brubaker

    Steve might've had the last piece of Kodachrome produced, but there's definitely more out there. Hell, I've got 3 rolls to send in and about 30 left in my freezer. Total wank of a story.

  • AgX

    i'd better process my kodachrome backlog before I get stuck having to do it myself eh

  • Saellys

    And not only does Kodachrome still exist in large quantities, but they didn't even include any of the developed photos with the story. Way to generate content, guys!

  • JessicaLum

    Right, McCurry didn't develop the last ever Kodachrome — there are probably hundreds of undeveloped rolls out there right now. The story is about the last produced Kodachrome roll made by Eastman Kodak.
    National Geographic will probably release McCurry's images. They're still under wraps!

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  • QuBe

    What the h…
    You're either trolling or you've never shot digital in your life.
    Even my old Canon XT produced better color accuracy and sharpness than even 4000dpi coolscans of Kodachromes I shot with a Nikon FM and Nikkor glass.
    Not even the most expensive 120 professional Ektachrome medium format I have can touch what just a prosumer DSLR can nowadays.

  • jonliebold

    Amen to that!