Lens-in-a-Cap Brings Easy 3D to SLRs

If you want to dabble in 3D on your SLR without having to use separate frames or “gluing” your cameras together, this 3D lens accessory by Loreo might be a happy solution. The Loreo 3D Lens-in-a-Cap is a standalone lens that mounts onto the camera body like a normal lens. The resulting image is duplicated side-by-side, and can be enjoyed in 3D with a special monitor viewer.

You can see sample photos taken with the accessory on the Loreo site.

The Lens-in-a-Cap is available for Nikon, Canon, Pentax, and Sony/Minolta mounts for $150. Individual monitor viewers are $2.50 or less.

Or, if you don’t mind being cross-eyed or seeing double (remember that technique you used to see Magic Eye 3D books in the 90s?), you can actually see the image above in 3D.

(via Engadget)