Amazing Stop-Motion Street Art by Blu

Street artist BLU released a breathtaking new stop-motion graffiti video called “Big Bang Big Boom.” It’s a fascinating artistic piece on the beginning, and potential end to life on Earth. Blu also created MUTO, another wall animation in the same way, using public walls and street objects as an enormous canvas.

  • QuBe

    I'm always staggered by the patience and drive of animators…the sheer amount of time and work that goes into something like this is mind boggling.

  • Lou Radford

    fantastic o/

  • Teknisyan

    Must have taken Blu a lot of time and paint to create this video.

  • saardulady

    This is great fun to watch – crazy imagination! Love it!!

  • chido

    how long did it take these guys to do this amazing work. nice one guys

  • Tecbuilt

    awesome creative art