Solar Camera Strap That Charges Your Camera as You Shoot

What if you could keep your camera charged all day while shooting outdoors using the power of the sun? That’s the idea behind this conceptual camera strap designed by Weng Jie. The solar panels built into the strap harvest energy from the sun beating down on your neck as you’re shooting away.

Many cameras would need to specifically allow for this strap, but do you think this idea is feasible?

(via Yanko Design)

  • Mike

    I like this idea. Make it reality and I'll buy one (if the price is reasonable as well).

  • Patty Reiser

    This is an interesting idea, especially for photographers who travel in areas where electricity is not always available or when you are out taking some landscape photos.

  • Eric

    I could see the same thing incorporated into a tripod design….

  • Miquiztli

    looks interesting, but I make a little research for a portable solar power to charging the battery of a laptop and camera… and the only solution was to buy a jacket full of solar panels or a big briefcase, and they need to be like a full day to the sun for making it a full charge, so if it really possible to make that small I fear that will be so expensive that It will no really make it viable

  • JessicaLum

    Hmmm… in terms of surface area, it'd probably be most efficient to double light reflectors/umbrellas as solar panels for charging.

  • Dave

    That would be one awkward camera strap.
    It would be much easier (and environmentally friendly) to just keep a spare battery in your pocket.
    I just calculated that it roughly costs about half a Cent to fully charge the battery in my SLR.
    (input to charger is 0.12A x 240V x 1h = 28.8Wh and 14 Cent (€) buys you 1000Wh)
    The energy and material in making, packaging, transporting and selling a fancy strap would charge a battery many, many times.

  • Mike

    A more practical offshoot of this idea would be a solar charger for the spare camera battery.

  • QuBe

    If I were to go so remote that I couldn't locate at least somebody on grid between shoot times, I'd just take a pile of spare batteries and power packs. Maybe if it's an extended expedition, I'd have a dedicated solar recharger (that I knew would be up for the job.)

    As far as I know, a neck strap charger like this simply would not output sufficient current to offset consumption, because of the limited surface area and the fact that it would never be optimally aimed for solar energy collection.
    It's other limitation is that in the field, a neck strap has to be able to take extreme abuse.
    It's a neat idea, but where it would be needed, it's not adequate or practical, and everywhere else there's easy proximity to grid power.

  • Anto vimal Ratharaj L

    valuable contribution towards sustainability

  • Rob214

    i don't use neck straps, can't stand the weight around my neck there are so many better solutions. cost and heat would be an issue i believe


  • Alec G Photo

    I'm gonna give this a shot tomorrow and see how it turns out, i think i should be able to at least prolong battery life if im able to get this to function correctly

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  • Ben Goode

    The idea looks great!!

  • Brian

    interesting concept, if the panels were to provide the needed power.. which I don't think it would

    what about a camera back-pack, to charge spare batteries while they are in your pack?

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  • Raven_youngblood

    Awesome idea….count me in.