Crazy Lightning Strike in Chicago Filmed with the Canon 7D

A nasty storm rolled through Chicago recently, and Craig Shimala was ready to capture it from his balcony. Using a Canon 7D and a 10-22mm wide angle lens, he was lucky enough to film lightning striking the three tallest buildings in Chicago at the same time. Playing the footage in slow motion also gives an interesting look at how lightning travels.

(via planet5D)

  • Renee Burnett

    Very cool!

  • CarlS

    Was this movie mode or a collection of stills?

  • Michael Zhang

    In the Vimeo comments Shimala writes, “I had it in running in video mode in hopes of catching something”.

  • Jason Eskridge

    F-ing amazing!!! I really do <3 that 10-22 lens, such delicious images

  • Jeff

    That is beautiful.

  • mijonju

    so beautiful!

  • Martin Soler Photography

    Wow impressive. Great timing on your part!

  • Tim


    ARTIST: Sufjan Stevens

    SONG: To The Workers of the Rock River Valley Region, I Have An Idea Concenring Your Predicament

    *Yes… That's actually what it's called*

    ALBUM: Illinoise

    Had to give credit to my man Sufjan. :)

  • freeboprich

    Seen quite a few slowed down storm vids, but nothing comes close to the expansiveness or grace of that!

  • Tammybreyer

    PLEASE how can I get a copy of the pic?? I lov e it!!! I want it!!