Flickr Gets a Makeover, Photo Pages Stretched and Redesigned

If you login to Flickr today, you should see a notice at the top of your photo pages informing you of a soon-to-be-released redesign and allowing you to preview it. The new design features the photograph much more prominently, upping the size from 500px wide to 640px on a wider page. The goal seems to be making the page cleaner and more minimalistic, with many of the icons moving to drop-down menus. There’s also a heavier emphasis on geo-tagging, which appears as a small map to the right of the photo.

Here’s a screenshot of the current design for comparison:

Personally, I think the new design looks great and is definitely a step forward. What’s your opinion on the redesign?

  • Skink

    It looks ok unless the photo is a vertical format, when a giant white space appears in the centre of the page. There are some other niggles too, like the amount of time it takes loading thumbnails that are hidden by default (for groups and sets).

    Overall though it's an improvement, especially the lightbox view.

  • Sergio

    I liked it. Specially because I always upload with 640px max.

  • dale.

    Long overdue update. Finally it's possible to see bigger photos from the get go, even bigger ones when you click on it and you can go to the next/previous with the keyboard.

    And no more Flash slideshow!

  • Gregg

    Maybe it's just me but the preview goes to a red background when using Google Chrome on Windows. Looks fine in IE and Firefox though. I like the changes overall. I really think they need to work quickly on providing the ability to turn off the option to license a specific image via Getty. For a lot of us Flickr users, our photostream contains some photos that are just not suitable for licensing because of a heavy crop or because you know you can never get a model or property release for the subject of the image.

  • Miles

    It's a weaker design with less structure and definition, elements are floating without fitting into a coherent overall whole – the description runs too easily into the comments for example. The feeling of space is nice though, but I would have preferred structure.

    Some elements are now very prominent, like the map, at the *top* of the left column – you can dismiss this but you have to do it for *every* single image, madness! – while others, like tags, are bunched up and harder to scan – though I do like the pop-over for delving into tags. Exif info is similarly relegated and now can only be found in a drop down menu. For me this was one of the most common annotative links I used on an image page. For some reason the camera type and date links are very prominent. I don't use either of these with any regularity. The EXIF link should be with these at the top of the right hand column.

    The default image is wider and there's a 'darkr' style thing when viewing larger images, but what I think people really want is the ability to show wider images by default, perhaps that push the side column down, as on YouTube. As Skink said above horizontal images are a total fail in this design. Did anyone even look at one in this layout before implementing it!?

    I have a feeling that a lot of people will find the merging of comments and favourites into one stream annoying. It's harder to read and scan, were people clamouring for every favourite to be made an activity item? Personally I don't see the point of it, it's interesting to see the total number of favourites but why would I want to see every single one?!

    I think it's a step in the right direction despite all that – the next and previous buttons are long overdue – but there are some mystifying decisions being made. Perhaps it's me, perhaps people don't care about EXIF info and want nothing more than to see a map with the location of the image on it.

  • Becky

    The lightbox view is FANTASTIC. I'm not happy about the map interface, though — it seems to kind of randomly zoom when I hover over it.

  • raymondtan85

    Like this update very much, it looks more intuitive, and has a simpler way to tag your photos on the map with the new right cornered map box. the photo preview with dark background is another good point for flickr :)

  • Victoria

    Did anyone notice the keyboard shortcuts at the bottom? Did this exist before?
    I really like that feature.

  • Victoria

    Greg, I think you can turn off this option by clicking the link and opting out. It seemed to work for me.

  • Miles

    The slideshow is still in Flash for me.

  • dale.

    You need to enable the new page first, then just click on a photo to get into slideshow mode.

  • Miles

    That's different, that's the lightbox. The slideshow is still Flash and is available under the drop down 'actions' menu.

  • dale.

    Hopefully that's because it's still in beta.

  • Szabi (szabiakanich)

    I like some of it, some of it not so much. Merging comments with favorites is a huge flaw in my opinion. That's the biggest problem I see with the new layout. The other pretty big problem is that there's no basic exif data on the main photo page. Other than that it's nice that you can finally navigate from the keyboard. That's really handy. The best part though is that you have a bigger image by default. :) For anybody who want an even classier (albeit simpler) look, you can always use fluidr to browse flickr photo streams.


  • Aymeric Brisse

    The red background is due to the addon “Patr – Pats Flickr App”. Disable it and it will work.