“End Love” by OK Go Blends Stop and Slow Motion in Awesome Ways

OK Go, an LA-based rock band, makes some of the most creative music videos you’ll ever see, from the treadmill video that amassed over 50 million views on YouTube to their gigantic Rube Goldberg machine one that dropped jaws around the world. Their latest video for the song “End Love” is yet another display of pure creativity, as they blend stop motion and slow motion techniques in strange and awesome new ways.

OK Go is pretty much the Pixar of music videos.

  • Chris Oaten

    Excellent work. You guys rock. Tell me, was the goose trained or just an added bonus when filming?

  • anonymus

    ha the goose jst completes the MV, so cute

  • Alquilter

    The goose was hilarious!!! Cool video. :)

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  • Daniel Wall

    Heh, …had Toto start playing in another window as this one began. the combination wasn’t bad.