Sample 5-Megapixel Photos Taken with the Upcoming iPhone 4

For all you pixel peepers out there, Apple has posted a collection of unretouched photographs taken with the 5 megapixel iPhone 4 that was announced yesterday at WWDC 2010.

What do you think of the quality of the camera and how it compares to existing phones?

  • Koert

    Looking good! But these are ideal shots, I wonder what the pictures would look like in worse lighting conditions.

  • fayek helmi

    wow! these look legit! no more cameraphone picture look.

  • N2logical

    Really impressive… look like it got a pretty good dynamic range too.. i can't wait to put my hands on.. i'm not the kind of person who bring a camera with me all the time.. if its not my Reflex i do not take picture that much with my phone.. but with that i might start…

  • Amadeusz Jasak

    If they're not lying, if it is a real iPhone 4 camera, it is kinda perfect quality. I like that depth of field – it's amazing for such a small lens and sensor! And it looks like there is a close-up mode where DoF is even thiner! It does look very nice!

    BTW I've a 1.3MP iPhone 3G (not S) so I cannot compare samples to iPhone 3Gs camera.

  • alphajoe

    I agree with Koert. These are ideal shots taken and chosen for marketing purpose by apple. Give the phone to my mom and let her snap some pictures then I can give an unbiased opinion of the quality.

    I will say that if these are unretouched and straight from the camera, they are very crisp and better than my current phone. Nice range of color.

  • August helsinghoff

    Yeah they look great, but i cant find no exif data on em, it could be funny :)

    but hey im not buying it fore the camera :) but it looks good, and would be great for on the go photoes :)

  • Glyn

    Now that is impressive!!!
    What a time we're having lately…first comes the CS5 Suite, then iPhone 4 Announcement and today Lightroom 3.0 …. Christmas has definitely come early :)


  • Moayad

    I don't think we should be comparing them with existing phones, I think they look better than some good compact cameras!

    They say they are not retouched?!

    I doubt that! That sky in the bridge picture looks like it had a gradual filter applied to it… and maybe a polariser for that killer reflection.

    On the other hand at least I *hope* they are lying because I honestly don't want all my pictures to be as candy saturated as those examples! Unless there are some kind of picture profiles where I can choose how saturated or sharpened my pictures are… in that case it would be very cool :)

  • bb

    well.. the cybershot camera's of SE are definitely better

  • bb

    cybershot phones I meant..

  • QuBe

    I think they're legit.
    When you look at the full size images, they have that distinctive camera phone grain and noise. (all digital images look better when downsampled)

    All the same, it's good quality to have in a phone camera…(if you always remember to wipe the gunge off the lense before shooting).

  • Dixon Marshall

    (Rolls Eyes) Gee, I guess I need to sell my DSLR and L lenses and buy one of these puppies!

    C'mon, guys, I have an old $50 3mp Sony point and shoot that will do this well under these conditions. I guess I'm not blinded by the light of Steve Jobs.

  • JohnONolan

    Get over yourself.

  • ht

    The phone 4 has flash guys…

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