Famous Photographers’ Best Photos According to Google

I came across an interesting post over at The Guardian a while back that discussed whether Google’s ranking algorithms are good at gauging art, and whether the top result for an artist accurately reflects the artist’s “best work”.

I decided to do the same experiment with famous historical photographers. The following images are the top results when typing the photographers’ names into Google’s image search:

Berenice Abbott

Ansel Adams

Eugene Atget

Robert Capa

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Walker Evans

Dorothea Lange

Garry Winogrand

What do you think of Google’s rankings? Do these highest ranking photographs reflect the photographers’ work well?

Feel free to link us to other examples you might come across as well.

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  • Robk1964

    Ansel Adams has made better pictures than this one

  • Oliver

    Cartier-Bresson was known by “The Decisive Moment” in times previous to photoshop, he expected the perfect timing to take a picture, so this picture would represent his work much better

  • Rafael

    No he didn't expect the perfect timing, he denied so himself

  • Sheila Paras

    not exactly their best, imho, but still an interesting google experiment.

  • Laura Ryan Moakley

    I always loved that one of Bernice Abott by Man Ray.. I could look at the composition for hours..

  • Michael Zhang

    Whoops. Your comment just made me realize that the photo was OF abbott and not by her. We've replaced it. Thanks for the comment!

  • Paul O'Mahony (Cork)

    A lovely idea, thanks. I see photos I've never seen before, and some old favourites too. I agree with Robk1964: I've seen photos of Ansel Adams that I've rated higher – but I'm be hard pressed to pick his best photo.
    Michael you continue to produce the most valuable site.

  • Bergur

    …They forgot me!!!

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  • MortenBNielsen

    They may not be the best photos, but they are still pretty good..

  • danielles

    The photo that's attributed to HCB was actually taken by Martine Franck, a Magnum Photos member and HCB's spouse. Bad Google.

  • Jonathan Cooper

    An interesting experiment, certainly, but surely it points to the most popular, or “iconic” images, not the “best”. Actually, “best” is a pretty spurious label to apply to art. :-)

  • Ian Miller

    Don't agree with some of their choices but photography is a very subjective medium.

  • Ian Miller

    Do you have a link…:)