Miraculous Adobe Photoshop Day Cream

Adobe Photoshop does miracles for wrinkly skin, and it’s now available in a cream! If that’s not enough, you can also check out Photoshop Toothpaste.

We’re also hearing murmors that their “Stamp Tool for the Face” will be announced soon.

Can You Photoshop Me Later? (via A Photo Editor)

  • Guest

    If 'miraculously' & 'reduces' weren't mixed up I would've enjoyed this so much more.

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    Wow! It even changes eye color….amazing stuff!

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  • Leofwine1

    Really your enjoyment is dependent on correct spelling, that is so fucking pathetic. It is meant to be humor not a spelling lesson.

  • Zxebay

    Where did you get spelling from this?.. The words are switched. Idiot.

  • Bryan

    Even Photoshop can’t fix scary. She looks like death warmed over.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s not done correctly it won’t be as funny. Chill out, guy.

  • Bob

    To Guest, If ‘miraculously’ & ‘reduces’ weren’t mixed up I would’ve enjoyed this so much more. Where is the comma after ‘up’, Mr. know nothng.

  • guest

    Where is the ‘i’ in ‘nothing’? Bob also knows nothing.

  • mary

    Her skin was not wrinkly to begin with. It just has pores, like skin is supposed to.

  • Al Stuart

    She’s fifty something ,still looks pretty good to me photoshop or not.. I still would