DSLR Kit for a Three Month Project Around the World

Gail Mooney and her daughter Erin Kelly are about to embark on a three month documentary project around the world using Canon DSLRs, and the above photograph shows the kit they’re bringing along. Check out this blog post to see everything they’re bringing. What’s amazing is that everything here fits inside two backpacks. Whoa.

The resulting film will be titled, “Opening Our Eyes”, and you can follow along on this blog.

(via cinema5D)

  • garybc

    I'm wondering what those two backpacks are… :)

  • Michael Zhang

    Hmm… Someone asked them in the comments as well, and she replied, “Two Lowepro backpacks”. It'd be interesting to know exactly which ones.

  • kentsparkman

    All of this gear with a very heavy emphasis on video and audio it would seem, which is fine, but there is not one single speedlight or video light mentioned in all of the gear.

  • garybc

    yep, i heard lowepro mentioned. it'd be good to know which ones. hope they won't lose anything from traveling. :)

  • QuBe

    Yeah, there's one light…a Lightpanel Micro beside the white zoom.
    They don't mention it in the list…..
    Nor do they mention the (likely) third backpack that will be carrying their laptops, chargers, aux batteries, etc. I can't see how looking at pix on a P6000 is going to cut it for one day let alone 3 months.