Concept Sony Alpha DSLR Offers a Slanted LCD and Futuristic Design

Here’s a new Sony Alpha concept DSLR camera that features a slanted LCD to keep your face away from the screen, similar to the Sony a352 concept camera that we featured last month. Unlike that one, which had a solar and rounded design, this one has a lot of edges and sharp angles, like what you might see in futuristic concept cars.

There’s also a concept flash unit that uses metal arms to make the flash extendable, allowing you to not only adjust direction but height as well.

What do you think of this design? Should camera makers design cameras to keep it away from the face, or do eyecup extenders suffice?

Prototipo reflex con nueva ergonomía (via Gizmodo)

  • Joachim Thieren

    Really like the sharp angles, looks pretty futuristic indeed (at least better than the a352 concept…) The added flash looks a bit over the top though.

  • George


  • Craig Damlo

    As a alpha shooter, I agree like it. It looks much more usable than the last concept with the sharper angles. And the flash looks nice too.

  • smool

    Has this camera been tested for long hand-held exposures in low-light conditions?
    I personally like the fact that normal DSLRs rest on your face, it can add stability, giving you a couple more well-needed stops for your exposure. Looks good, but impractical. Sorry Sony.

  • aguy

    Personally, I think that manufacturers should be working to reduce the overall size of DSLRs in general. Where's my Nikon FM3a Full frame digital?

  • Ryan Burney

    Look closer, that’s a follow up for the 850/900. The big angular nub on top is a penta-prism viewfinder, the mess of buttons and info LCD on top right also evocative of the flagship line. Then check the Mode dial. See any scene modes over there? I only see C1, C2, C3, P, A, S, M. The camera is also wearing the Zeiss 24-70 2.8, a full-frame lens. This, friends, looks to me like the next full-frame camera from Sony.

  • becky

    Hello I have a comment on this New Design Sony a352 but first i like to replay to some peoples comments whether the camera rest on face or not keep in mind the nose is in the way lol notice this “Smool” and About reducing size I also disagree with “Aguy” I think size weight matter to me because the less it weight the more your hands shake the camera and what good is to hand Anti-Shake for it only help a little bit so weight also matter to me as well it just need the right balance in hands and let us have a full frame anything smaller I don’t buy I think SONY is finally realizing the need of comfort and design on face I know when I take pictures I feel my nose push my DSLR away lol even dowse at day time out in the sun no one can see the screen when taking pictures with DSLR CAMERA I think it need little more improve on that matter maybe eye piece need to be more closer to eye for better view and about the flash is nice but still i can see how the angle can create the expose effect on subject using vertical angle but still I like to see all in one let say like the stander flash the head of flash you can tern it a 360 degree around plus with this new lift and tern to sides it would be great and I wonder if this new camera have built in flash also about the lens and the anti shake and auto & manual plus single & continual and manual do it have it on lens and or body of it DSLR Camera ? / over all the designed SONY a352 is great