Tactical “Laser” Sight for Wildlife Shooting

Here’s an interesting gadget that can help you with wildlife photography, or can simply make you look beastly while doing street photography. This tactical sight can help you lock your camera onto a faraway animal, making finding it much easier to find when you start looking through your massive telephoto lens. With longer focal range lenses, it can be pretty easy to lose sight of where exactly your subject is, and finding it again might require pulling your eyes away from the viewfinder. This sight can help you more accurately lock onto the subject prior to using the viewfinder.

After poking around a bit, it looks like this is actually a Phantom Tactical Sight for rifles that has been rebranded and repurposed for photography:

The sight can project a point, circle point, circle cross, or cross onto the screen (it’s not a laser pointer), and has two colors (green or red) and three intensities. This gadget will set your back about $45. Happy shooting!

Wildlife Photography with Tactical Four Reticle Sight (via Wired)

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  • Robert S.

    Just tape a 1/2 inch length of (a) straw to the hot shoe on your camera, and you achieve the same objective. Just make sure that the straw is parallel with the lens.

  • Robert S.

    just tape a 1/2 inch section of (a) straw to the hot shoe of your camera and you achieve the same objective. Sight first through the straw and then through the viewfinder. This will reduce “hunting” for your subject when using a long lens.
    Just make sure that the straw if parallel with the lens.

  • Jerry

    I have one for tracking and photographing birds. Try zooming in to 500-1000mm using just your viewfinder. Almost impossible. With this device you retain 100% visual field of view while sighting thru the small glass that has the laser cross hairs on it. This scope does not put a laser beam on the subject, just on the glass.