Nikon F5 SLR Commercial from 1997

Did you know Nikon SLRs were doing video before things shifted toward digital? This commercial was made back in 1997 by Alastair Thain, and was shot entirely on a Nikon F5 SLR camera, which could shoot up to 8 frames per second. More than 200 rolls of 36-exposure film were developed to create the resulting film.

“The Nikon F5, technically the quickest camera in the world.”

(via Reddit)

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  • Ian Wang

    Better than any movie made from a video capable dSLR I've ever seen.

  • pabloconrad

    That's just awesome. I still use my F5 I bought in 1998.

    Freekin' Sweet!

  • Jen Weiss

    This is amazing Nikon f5 the quickest camera in the world, Thanks for the post, good information Jen

  • jms_uk


    It was surpassed by Canon EOS 1V in 2000 – with battery powerpack it can do 10 fps.

  • backindauk

    As a past Canon employee and professional photographer i say this, the F5 was always the better camera. I own both.
    Though, i feel the F6 now surpasses the F5, purely because it allows the use of matrix meter with manual focus lenses.
    Then again, no 35mm cameras is better than medium format or 4×5″ for image quality.