Padding Your Rear Lens Cap for Stacking

If you have multiple lenses and not enough space in your camera bag, carrying an extra lens might require you to stack a lens on top of another in a single lens compartment. The problem is that the bottom of one lens might rub against and scratch the lens below.

Derrick Story over at The Digital Story has a simple do-it-yourself solution to this problem: a Rear Lens Cap Pad. Cutting out a piece of adhesive, padded material and attaching it to the rear lens cap allowed him to rest his 50mm lens on top of a 70-200mm lying horizontally below.

If you’re working with smaller primes, another tip is to attach the rear lens caps of two lenses together, allowing you to securely transport two lenses together. The downside of this method is that your lenses won’t be able to travel separately.

Do you have your own tips or tricks for saving space when hauling your glass around?

Rear Lens Cap Pad for Stacking in Camera Bag (via Wired)

Image credit: Photograph by Derrick Story

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  • Kevin

    Wouldn't the lens cap help prevent the scratches though?

  • Michael Zhang

    Yeah it would. Derrick Story's example is that he placed his 50mm on top of his 70-200mm while it was sideways in the bag, so the rear lens cap would be in contact with the side of the bigger lens.

  • saltesc

    Useful idea seeming my girlfriend has lost 3 of our 5 lens caps and I often try to cram them into a Crumpler satchel rather than the backpack. I'm not too concerned about the barrels being scratched, however. The more scars a camera carries, the cooler it is.

  • kentsparkman

    if you are stacking two smaller primes — why not use adhesive velcro? This also has the added benefit that if you don't stack them, you can always use the plastic side of the velcro to hold the lens in place in most camera bags

    Cool idea

  • Ted Marlow

    glad i’m not the only one that already thought of this
    and put a little velcro on the bottom of your camera body and you have an instant lens cap holder.