Apollo 11 Launch at 500 Frames per Second

This amazing video by Spacecraft Films shows the July 16, 1969 launch of the Apollo 11 mission that landed the first humans on the moon. The camera was rolling at a whopping 500 frames per second, allowing the first 30 seconds of the launch to be slowed down into this 8-minute narrated video of pure awesomeness.

(via Boing Boing)

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  • trillion

    okay Khadgars, a challenge. please compare these two images:

    the official nasa one:
    exactly the same image, but i have altered the colours and contrast. it becomes EXTREMELY OBVIOUS that the dark sky has been altered.

    why did they need to do this?
    what were they blocking out?

  • trillion

    please compare these two images:

    the official nasa one:
    and exactly the same image, but i have altered the colours and contrast only. it becomes EXTREMELY OBVIOUS that the dark sky has been altered. if you don't believe me go back to the original one and you can see it once you know what you are looking for…

    why did they need to do this?
    what were they blocking out?

  • Science!

    Apologies to all the sane people out there for this rant, but…

    Now that we actually have a spacecraft in orbit around the moon with a good enough camera…hey, there are the descent stages of the landers, right where NASA's always said they were.

    But, no you're right, 'trillion' – the landings were faked because you found a jpg (!) copy of a moon image on wikipedia (a highly compressed and possibly processed version of the original) and changed the colors. Find the original image, repeat your 'processing,' and if the dark sky still looks 'altered,' prove to me that the camera detector electronics and processing software couldn't have created the artifacts that you are so excited about. Then maybe I'll care, and you can tell me your methods and I'll try to replicate them. That's how science works – if you're going to make a claim, the burden of proof is on you.

    Or, if that sounds like too much work for you, see if you can film a scene where everything obeys the laws of physics under 1/6 Earth's gravity, like those fakers at NASA did using 1960s technology. Don't forget to make sure any dust grains you kick up follow the right trajectories as they fall back to the surface (no air resistance, either!). Good luck with that one!

    There is not a shred of evidence that the landings did not take place. Every argument the conspiracy theorists have put forth has been disproved ad nauseum, because they are based on willful ignorance rather than logic.

  • trillion

    haha, funny. i wasnt implying the photo wasnt taken on the moon. i don't deny that. all i'm saying is the photo has been altered. you can even see it in the original, i just enhanced it by altering the colour sliders, then the contrast… as you can see the are not random lines, pixels or noise, they are carefully doctored strokes which go around the flag… on another note – the original pic looks like it has been hand colour, like a hand colours black n white photo, you can see it spilling over the edge around the top of the craft…

    my conclusion: if nasa didnt want debunkers, then they would do a better job with images like this. which makes me wonder if nasa really loves this kind of arguing that is going on in places like this forum?

  • learningambition

    That was really cool slowing down the launch to see what is actually occurring. Does anyone have any further reading on this launch?

    As for the conspiracy theories, its really easy to get sucked into them and believe any nut who's stories actually lead to something greater. It's definitely not a bad thing to question things but keep neutral it reflects better on your intellect in logic and reasoning.

    I'm Ambitious

  • Daniel

    I don't see how stuffing reactive/nuclear matter into rocks can't be done in science labs. The USA would have this sort of technology and scientific ability by that time because of the incoming threat of another massive war on their hands from the USSR/Russia that has already scared the USA enough to lead them to produce more tactical/destructive weapons or technology to prepare for more conflict.

  • Anthony Pittarelli

    sweet, the first 6 minutes is worth watching, the last 2 not so much

  • brettg

    “you really think that a conspiracy that would have HAD to have taken thousands to pull off successfully could keep secret under international scrutiny?”

    Two words.

    “Manhatten Project”

  • Aaron Aileron

    Ben Rich “…anything you can imagine we already know how to do.”

    Anything except persuade conspiracy theorists that their pet delusion is just that, a delusion, of course…

  • GustavN

    Ever heard of JPEG compression? That's the answer mate.

  • Clickbank Directory

    WoW… Amazing Video, I like it.

  • cj

    Nobody went to the fucking moon! We have never seen that fucking flag they stuck into the ground ever again. The Hubble telescope can peer hundred of light years in all directions. Why not point it at the fucking moon and show us the damned flag? It ought to still be there. Unless some fucking aliens stole it.

  • Chimmy Changa

    we went to the moon. Dont know why you dont want to belive it, but get over it. the government wouldnt have spent billions of dollars on a conspiracy, would they? I know that the government's crazy, but not that much

  • pennyscript

    Stunning Post

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  • cyberman

    Have you ever seen somebody lick the chutney spoon in an Indian Restaurant and put it back? This would never have happened under the Tories.

  • Bob

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  • Spartacus

    I am Spartacus!

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  • Urgay

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  • martin

    that is just proof jpeg is crap…

  • sweetspot@f8

    Wow, amazing video. Thanks for posting that, you are right, it's full of awesomeness.

  • Reply to brettg

    Nice try, Brett. The Manhatten Project was not a secret. The Soviets were well aware what was going on, and when Truman told Stalin about the bomb at Potsdam, Stalin didn't even bat an eye.

  • Tiberious Cashflow

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  • kittykrumley

    I have watched the disclosure project in it’s entirety. Very intriguing video with engaging people from all walks of the government and military.
    As far as landing on the moon…well, I have my opinions. I’m not going to blow smoke up anyone’s toot hole, and state that “we did” or “we didn’t” land on the moon. I am simply not “in the know” nor do I believe anyone should state or claim that we landed on the moon with such “matter of fact” statements. It’s hard for me to take such implications seriously without substance or research done by the individual. I don’t think that just because we have moon rocks that it implies we landed on the moon when we did, if we did. In my opinion, there is too much gray area,curiosity,and unanswered questions that surround the supposed moon landing for something not to seem a bit fishy. I’m not certain what the truth may be, but I feel there is definitely something we’re not being told….AS USUAL

  • Jackhaveman

    The U.S. government has a dept. of conspiracy. This dept. is huge. It has thousands of employees, ranging from conspiracy planners, techno types, pencil pushers, and a huge support staff. They are housed in a huge secret conspiracy building, somewhere in a secret location. If anyone reading this post lives in a community where the locals refuse to disclose their place of employment, please let the rest of us know about this. This may well be the solid proof we need of how devious the American government really is.

  • Jackhaveman

    A flag moved in a vacuum will wave because there is no air to slow the motion down. This happens on earth. On the moon, where there is less gravity, the laws of inertia will allow the flag to wave even longer because there is less gravity pulling the flag to a halt. A flag planted on the moon with any force MUST move. This is science, not theory.

  • Jackhaveman

    Could be this circuitry was never used. Could be the thousands of researchers and scientists and engineers were all fooled. Everyone knows politicians and bureaucrats are smarter than you egghead types. This stuff cracks me up.

  • Jackhaveman

    We love to catch a liar in a lie; ask Nixon or Clinton. The government doesn’t get much bigger than that. Yet, even they couldn’t keep their secrets against solid evidence. If the landing was a hoax, someone would bring concrete proof to light that can’t be refuted. If only one of those who participated in this hoax would come forward with evidence, then I will admit that I’ve been fooled. This has not happened yet.

  • Jackhaveman


  • Anonymous

    As for the presidential argument, you must realize that exposing a president means next to nothing for the state itself. They only last 8 years at best. A president’s secret is worth nothing when set against a true state secret. The notion that the president IS the state is a lie designed to take pressure off the state when needed. The president is a scapegoat in this context, so exposing them is next to meaningless.

    What’s your argument, that because no one has come forward there is nothing to bring forward? That’s a tautology I think. By that logic executing a whistle blower in actuality destroys the conspiracy. What kind of quantum subjective reasoning is that? :)

    Regardless of what happened, it is more than possible for the state to convince the public of a lie of this magnitude and keep that secret because as time passes the secret keeps itself as people who know die or forget, and as the lie becomes the truth for new generations. Or most importantly, people stop caring because it comes to seem insignificant.

    Lying is profitable and it works, that’s why governments still do it.

    I mean come on, does anyone with 10 minutes of firearms experience , an episode of ER’s knowledge of the body, or a 6th grader’s grasp of physics, actually believe the magic bullet theory?

  • Jackhaveman

    Your dislike of authority seems to be a driving force in your thought process. Authority figures can and do lie; quite often. That does not mean that they always lie. It is up to the individual to know the difference without prejudice. An open minded conclusion does not presuppose that the authority is a liar; only a possibility. One does not start out with the idea that they are liars and then tries to prove it. This can only lead to one conclusion. There can never be just one outcome for every question. This is what we know as bias.

  • Anonymous

    That changes nothing. Read the rest of my comments in this thread. I’ve explained my position exhaustively already.

  • Wolvensong

    LMAO… sir, can’t you tell that was a joke? They might not have meant it as one, but I found such a notion amusing.

  • Spaceflightengineer

    Bowman is a fool, as is your buying into this tripe. Grow up clown.

  • Drepf

    Two words, one of them spelled wrong. You passed Conspiracy Theorist 101- congratulations.

  • ChiSanWij

    riiiiggght… erm, think its time to stop watching x-files fella, and perhaps put down the coffee. I think its a cracking difference in attitude between our two countries that over here we rely on our government to squirrel away all the things that we dont want to know, especially when it comes to technology or war, when you guys always seem to want to know everything. Can you imagine if every tom, hick or harry was allowed access to information of the nature you’re discussing? Our SAS (imagine your delta force, but a little better, and with facial hair) were doing just fine as a discreet tactical unit for ages before some twat decided to out them by compiling footage of the Olympics incident. They were doing a sterling job of taking care of all the things the british public truly did not want to know about. Then they had to change their entire MO and tactics after someone asked too many questions… Now that is a scary thought. In regard to your rather outlandish conspiracy claims, I admit that there’s a possibility that the americans didnt reach the moon when they say they did, but as our esteemed co-writers have pointed out, those pesky reds were watching you guys all the way, gnashing and frothing at the mouth with anger im sure. And i can only imagine that if they were as close as the americans feared they were in their project to reach the moon first, that they would be easily able to disprove the american’s landing had it not taken place. Unless of course the bloody Reds were in on it too!

  • Geempeen

    Thank you for some sanity! Not going to the moon….. pfft.

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  • TK

    I’m sorry, but you’re an idiot. The moronic points you parrot have been debunked many times over. Get a life.

  • TK

    Um yes, and when you watch movies of astronauts on the moon speeded up, their arms flail about at super-speed. Every one of these idiotic conspiracy notions is as easily dismissed. It’s mindless opinionating by people who know nothing of the subject matter.

  • TK

    Well, it sure is obvious you have no idea how a camera works.

  • TK

    Congratulations, you have successfully compared apples to oranges. Or maybe aples to oranges.

  • TK

    You seem to have no grasp of what your position entails. Sure, you write a lot of fluff, use terms you don’t understand, but the bottom line is you have no idea how many people wouold have had to be “in on it.” One of them would have been my father. I personally witnessed every Saturn V launch. Had you see/heard/felt one of those, you would know that control of such a release of energy was one of the more amazing tasks confronting the engineers who designed the system. But instead you just go on thumping your chest with your fluffy words and “logic” if that’s what impresses you. The rest of us will go ahead and consider you an idiot – if nothing else than your inability even to comprehend the burden of proof.

  • Anonymous

    “You seem to have no grasp of what your position entails.”

    Well then that makes two of us. Read the rest of my comments again, and pay attention this time. (Control-F “Innomen” then F3 to repeat the search.) In your hurry to stroke your ego you’ve overlooked the fact that I’m on your side. As depressing as that is for me given your lack of intellect and/or reading comprehension.

    Once again for the record, I believe the moon landings occurred consistent with NASA’s account. My point is merely that this was not the most likely scenario, and that merely being correct does not assure that your logic is flawless. One can easily use false logic to arrive at a correct position, just as surely as one can use correct logic to arrive at a falsehood. (As with the case of faulty information, or absurd premises.)

    “..use terms you don’t understand..”

    Show me my incorrect word usage, I’m always up for correcting a personal fault. (Or calling out a self indulgent oblivious blowhard, whichever.) <—<This is to motivate you to proofread my posts so that A. You might actually read them this time to the point of correctly grasping at some basic level my position, and/or B. Find and disclose any definition related errors I may have made.

    "Had you see/heard/felt.."

    I'm not interested in your anecdotal evidence and subjective assessments. I once saw David Copperfield vanish the statue of liberty, this is evidence of nothing. It's called objectivity, look into it.

    It seems the more egregious the necropost the more likely the poster is to misunderstand my position. Fascinating. I thought this subject was closed.

  • Smithjoanna92

    I think this video at least provide us some information which we can show to our college and school students to give them a hint how it works, well at least Apollo launch did that We are gathering such video if you know any of them please let us know.


  • jajajaja

    8 min of tax dollars being wasted

  • Spacify Directories

    Well where are these secret documents, memos etc ? Surely someone by now would have discovered them.