Zero Angle Concept Uses Protective Clamshell Camera Design

The Zero Angle Digital Camera is a conceptual design by Sun ho Sin and Jeong eun Park that protects sensitive components by hiding them when not in use.

The clamshell design allows to camera to be stored and carried safely without a dedicated camera case, keeping your LCD safe from scratches and bumps.

The design is reminiscent of a flip phone, except instead of flipping the camera “open”, one half of the camera is swung all the way around to provide the LCD screen for what resembles a traditional point-and-shoot camera.

What would be even more awesome would be if the camera was completely sealed when closed, protecting it completely from things like water, sand, and dirt.

The idea seems simple enough. Perhaps we’ll see this design in a real camera sometime in the near future. What do you think of this concept?

(via Yanko Design)

  • Chris

    I think it is a pretty awesome idea and should be adapted to most, if not all, point and shoot cameras.

  • Chris

    Great Concept! Would like to see it with a nice hardware.

  • mijonju

    Good for facebook self portrait maniacs and upskirt maniacs :) hehe not bad :)

  • zann

    while they are at the flip, throw in the twist as well for multi angle manipulation.

  • Ralph Martin

    This what I call a “wowduh moment”.
    Upon first sight you go “WOW!…duh.
    Great idea.

  • AmiiROARR

    Great idea.
    BUT wouldnt the screen break after multiple uses, like most flip phones/sliding?
    the digital ribbon that sends the info to the screen breaks easily, bending it backward and forward would surely lessen the life span?